Rugged Industrial M2 SSD Drives By Delkin

Delkin M.2 Computer Storage Industrial SSD

M.2 is a Next Generation Form Factor computer storage device. Originally designed in 2013, M.2 data storage was created to replace the current computer storage devices of that time.

With its flexible storage capabilities, adaptable storage abilities, and various sizes, this new data storage device can be used by almost any industry to securely store and manage their data.

M.2 Features

The M.2 Delkin contains a SATA 3 interface and comes in many shapes and sizes. The most popular of which are the 2240 and 2290 models.

The Delkin Solid State Drive M.2 is known for its multiple flash data management features and unique data retrieval abilities. Some of the more salient features provided by the Delkin Industrial M.2 Solid State Drive models include:

  1. Flash Endurance
  2. High Data Storage
  3. High-Temperature Resistance
  4. Read and Write Speeds up to 540 MB/s
  5. 10 DWPD Reliability
  6. Durability/Longevity
  7. Controlled BOM (Inbuilt Life Cycle Plan)
  8. Lower Cost Options

As was mentioned earlier, the Delkin M.2 comes in various shapes and sizes and can even be customized to fit particular host sizes. Some of the more common standard industrial sizes are as follows:

  • 22mm x 30mm
  • 22mm x 42mm
  • 22mm x 60mm
  • 22mm x 110mm

Delkin Industrial M.2 has been built with the future in mind as well as it readily incorporates with AHCI drivers built into almost all of today’s operating systems.

What is more, the M.2 models are flexible enough to adjust to future NAND designs which are likely to appear very soon.

Multiple Industries

The Industrial SSD can be used by many industries to fulfill their data storage needs. Below you can find a brief description of the industries and applications that can be serviced by the Delkin M.2 models.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry has increased its technological development over the past few years and along with it has increased its need for larger data storage capacities. Delkin’s M.2 models fulfill these increased needs with ease and supply a long-life and flexible adjustment plan that will continue well into the future.


Since the advent of data storage, Casinos have required a unique standard for flash storage devices. Delkin M.2 models help casinos and other card gaming entities with game applications, data tracking, and continuous upgrades.


Aerospace programs, particularly military programs, demand data storage devices that can withstand harsh environments like hot and cold temperatures, constant vibratory signals, and shock trauma to name but a few. The Delkin M.2 SSD drives provide this durability in spades all while maintaining secure data collection and storage functions.


Much like the Aerospace industry, the Transportation industry also requires data storage devices that can withstand harsh environments. Here again, the Delkin M.2 lives up to these expectations especially when it comes to the video recording and data retrieval functions demanded by the Transportation industry.


The Communications and Networking Industries require flash storage devices more than any other as their entire business is based on transmitting, collecting, and storing data. The M.2 helps out these industries through its wide range of capabilities, including increased density, reliability, high storage capacity, durability, and cost-effective storage units.


Reliable SSD Solutions for Industrial Usage

One of the most recognizable names in the memory module production industry is Apacer, and their products are used in a wide range of media applications and digital data sharing systems. They have an excellent customer feedback system that provides in-depth research into the types of products that are demanded by consumers, and their team is made up of creative and dynamic individuals who are young and willing to innovate where others are not. They take their skills and use them to engineer highly reliable and top-of-the-line technology.

Every single cell on every single chip in every single industrial grade SSD module is tested for quality and reliability. There are no other brands that use such comprehensive testing, and such quality control allows Apacer to produce and distribute guaranteed storage solutions for a range of uses.

Apacer Embedded SD Card

This product uses highly reliable and durable SLC NAND flash, and it is built to exceed the requirements for applications in embedded systems that require intensive hardware utility and massive control over firmware.

The Apacer Embedded SD Card also comes with built-in RS-ECC support that can correct errors of up to 5 bytes in every 512 bytes, and it has a 16-byte area of redundancy to ensure no data is ever lost. That makes this product the perfect solution for applications that demand solid data integrity and reliable data tracing. This product is fully compatible with the SD 2.0 specifications, and as such it can be used in most handheld devices, sales terminals, surveillance systems, medical tools, game consoles, and much more. It is also the most suitable solution for applications that follow SDHC guidelines.


  • Supports Sleep Mode and Auto Standby
  • Built-in Hardware ECC Functionality
  • Block Management and Wear-leveling
  • Compatible with SD 2.0
  • Supports SPI and SD Modes

Apacer SAFD(Serial ATA Flash Drive) Series

This Serial ATA Solid State Drive is quite a bit more durable and efficient than other drives with moving mechanical components. Since this device has no such moving parts, it is ideal for use in laptops, thinner hardware products, military equipment, mobile sales terminals, medical tools, industrial computers, and telecom devices. The drive is entirely immune to issues related to vibration, unlike other devices with moving components. This product is the optimal replacement for HDDs where maintenance is often required and reliability is a heavy concern.

Every one of Apacer’s industrial SSD products is put through rigorous testing before they are allowed onto the shelves. Chips are tested against humidity, vibration, temperature, and impact trauma, and these tests have proven extremely reliable at revealing flaws with any individual product. They SSD options available through Apacer have much higher capacities that older or even more current SSDs, and they all operate under state-of-the-art hardware and software specifications. Those who want the best from their industrial SSD solutions should trust Apacer.


  • Built-in HW-ECC, SMART Functions, and Quick Erase
  • Power Failure Recovery
  • Ideal Replacement for 1.8/2.5-inch HDDs
  • Block Management and Advanced Wear-leveling
  • Optional Purge Function and Secured Protection Zone
  • Optional SSD+ Optimizer Software

Apacer Industrial CompactFlash

This product provides the highest performance and reliability of any storage option compatible with CompactFlash devices of Type I and Type
II. Compared to standard consumer-grade CompactFlach chips, the Apacer Industrial SSD CompactFlash offers strong traceability to guarantee every product is qualified to function with the hardware and firmware in question.

Unlike other flash cards, this CompactFlash device offers ATA-PCMCIA compatibility and functionality. This product is optimally suited for use in sales terminals, medical tools, handheld apps, surveillance systems, industrial computer systems, and telecom devices.


  • Built-in HW-ECC and SMART Functions
  • Compatible with CFA 3.0 Specifications
  • Intelligent Power Failure Recovery
  • Advanced Wear-Leveling and Block Management
  • Secured Protection Zone
  • Quick Erase for ATA CompactFlash
  • Shock Resistance
  • Power Efficient
  • Vibration Resistance
  • Compatible with CFA 4.1 Specifications

Fantastic Birthday Gift Ideas for your Pre-Teen Son

Gift Ideas for your Pre-Teen Son’s Birthday

Sometimes it can be difficult to decide on a gift for a child with growing tastes, and in many cases those children already seem to have everything they really want. Picking out a birthday gift for such a young man can be a struggle, especially if that young man has tastes that you don’t share or understand. This is particularly true for mothers trying to find the perfect gift for their pre-teen sons. Hopefully, this list will inspire you to find that ideal birthday present.

Video Games

Just about every boy loves video games, and a new game or console will be sure to delight any of those children. Some kids birthday statistics of the more modern consoles and games can be a bit expensive, but a single game can provide hundreds of hours of entertainment. Most modern games have online multiplayer as well, so your child can still socialize while playing.

Hobby-Based Gifts

Boys who already have hobbies might be easier to buy gifts for since it only requires finding something within their hobby. If your child enjoys coding, maybe give him some new coding software to work with. If he collects something, give him a piece that he can add to his collection. Perhaps he is an artist and needs new supplies. There are a plethora of options in this wheelhouse .

Sports Equipment

A lot of young boys love sports, so getting him a new football or baseball might be the perfect gift. Sports equipment wears out easily, so replacements are constantly needed, and a birthday is a great time to upgrade some fading equipment.

New Gadgets

The rise of technology has certainly affected the younger generation, and many young boys are excited to receive new pieces of tech and gadgets that perform cool and unique functions. One of the most popular options is a music player like an iPod, but cameras, media players, and computers would all fall into this category.

Nerf Guns

It is true that many parents would avoid guns falling into the hands of their children, but Nerf guns are classic toys that allow children to play safely. The darts are made from safe foam that simply bounces off the body, and playing outside with these toys is a great way for children to exercise. There are so many different Nerf guns out there to choose from that your child might find a new obsession.  If you need a place to have a birthday where kids get to play in a nerf-like shooting environment consider a laser tag birthday party for teens.


Pre-teen boys are at the age when fine accessories could become a regular part of their wardrobe, and a nice watch is the perfect first step to that end. Watches help teach young men the value of time as well as teaching about aesthetics and civility. You don’t have to spend an arm and a leg to get a good spy watch first watch for your pre-teen son, but be sure to get him something that matches his tastes and his sensibility. Most young men will be completely happy with a stainless steel or other solid metal watch or take a look at a review guide to the  best spy watches.


Remove Graffiti with Power Washers

Graffiti Removal and Power Washing Services

By hiring a professional to remove graffiti, you can clean up the appearance of your business or home while deterring future taggers from attempting to deface your property. Graffiti is a way that gang members mark their territories and communicate with each other. By removing it quickly, gang members will be less likely to return.

Up until recently, graffiti removal methods were limited. Business owners had to paint over the graffiti or try to remove it themselves by sanding it down or chipping away at the paint. Needless to say, these removal methods can be tedious and tiresome. If a property owner chose to hire a professional graffiti removal service, these professionals often relied on hazardous and toxic chemicals in order to remove the paint.

Soda Blasting

high-pressure-washer-for-washing-and-blastingLuckily, professionals now use a method called soda blasting (also known as sand blasting). This method involves cleaning the defaced surface while stripping paint in a way that does not use hazardous chemicals. This method allows graffiti to be removed safely and effectively.

Traditional sand blasting methods were not friendly to the environment and could cause damage to surfaces. While soda blasting is often referred to as sand blasting, this new method is very different from the traditional method.

Blasting Mediums

Numerous blasting mediums may be used in order to effectively remove paint as well as other surface stains. These mediums include:

  1. Glass Bead
  2. Aluminum Oxide
  3. Walnuts
  4. Silicon Carbide
  5. Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Blasting)

In most cases, soda blasting is most effective in removing graffiti. This medium does minimal damage to the surface of the affected structure because it’s less aggressive and abrasive than other mediums.

How Does Soda Blasting Work?

Soda blasting uses baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to remove paint from walls and other surfaces. This method can also remove corrosion and rust from various types of structures. In fact, this method was used to restore the surface of the Statue of Liberty only 30 years ago.

This method does minimal damage to surfaces because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals in order to remove paint and corrosion. This process doesn’t only protect surfaces but it’s also more environmentally friendly and time-effective. The result is a clean surface with minimal etching and wear.

Advantages of Soda Blasting

  • Friendly to the environment
    Effective on many types of surfaces
    Does not use hazardous or toxic chemicals
    Removes paint effectively
    Protects the original structure
    Rinses off easily

If graffiti is harming the image of your property, check with your local graffiti removal program for a free estimate.


2016-2017’s 9 best Spy Watches

Spy Watches

Those who want to take convert missions and are always on the go will need spy gear that is essential to carrying out the task and getting the job done with as much ease and efficiency as possible. A spy watch is one of the most important items to have on hand when packing for espionages. Not only will you have the ability to keep up with the time with the accessory, but you can take photos, record video, and communicate with your partners due to the advanced features that are available. The simplistic designs of the products make them blend in with your attire to ensure that they don’t give away their purpose. There are various types of models that are sold to suit your duties and carry out your specific plans on your next mission.

The Best Spy Watches

1. Brickhouse HD Waterproof Spy Watch

When you expect to get wet or spend time in the water, this spy watch will continue to function and perform a number of duties. You’ll have a crisp picture with the ability to record an HD 1280×1060 resolution video with a camera that is hidden behind a pinhole lens that is challenging to see with the naked eye. Using a USB cord, you can easily upload the recording to a computer and use it for your mission.

2. Night Owl CS-Watch

The Night Owl CS-Watch stores 4GB of internal memory and will even allow you to record up to two hours of video footage. You can even record audio and take photos with a click of the button to avoid giving away your undercover identity. Although other watches require batteries to operate, this product simply needs to be charged by periodically connecting it to a computer.

3. Sharper Image HD Camcorder Watch

When you need to record a significant amount of footage with a video camera but don’t want to blow your cover, this model is an ideal choice with its 12MP camera that takes high-quality photos with every shot. Whether you’re spending time in rain or shine, you won’t have to worry about damage occurring to the watch due to its waterproof design. You can even shoot 90 minutes of HD video after it’s fully charged.

4. Flylink Tech SC-334-8

Those who want to purchase an innovative spy watch without compromising on style can choose to sport the Flylink Tech SC-334-8, which includes a stainless steel design that is masculine and modern. The product will allow you to record video at 1920×1080 pixels at a frame rate of 30fps and store a significant amount of footage on the watch due to its impressive 8GB of internal memory.

5. LawMate Night Watch 8GB

The LawMate Night Watch 8GB is an ideal choice for those who want to wear a watch that blends in with their modern attire. The product will allow you to remain discrete because it doesn’t come with blinking lights and it still works as a normal wristwatch. The model includes a number of features that include audio recording, video recording, and a camera to take photos with. It even includes date and timestamps to help you stay organized.

6. SpyVille Waterproof Watch Camera

When you’re anticipating wet weather or are going to dive underwater, the SpyVille Waterproof Watch Camera will allow you to record footage when spending time 10 feet underwater, making it extremely versatile in different types of conditions. It comes with 2GB of internal storage and also features a battery that can be recharged for up to two hours. If you’re lost in the woods or don’t have access to a GPS, you can rely on the compass directions to find your way back while you’re on your mission.

7. AGPtek Walkie Talkie Wristwatch

If you’re looking for a sporty spy watches that will complement your athletic style as a spy, the AGPtek Walkie Talkie Wristwatch features two different watches that make it easy for you and your partner to use the internal walkie talkies that are included to relay information. You can send messages to another person who wears the other watch up to 3 1/2 miles away. It’s also easy to use in the dark due to the backlight feature that guarantees continue use during the day or night.

8. Hammacher Schlemmer Night Vision Camera Watch

Wear the Hammacher Schlemmer Night Vision Camera Watch to take photos or record videos when it’s pitch black outside. The product includes a night vision feature that won’t make you limited when trying to complete certain tasks. You’ll also be able to enjoy having high-quality recordings taken on the watch with 1920×1080 pixel resolution at 30fps that is available.

9. Mini Gadgets Polished Steel Watch Camera 8GB

This steel watch is extremely durable, which will allow it to maintain its durability when you’re on the go and are performing various functions and tasks throughout the day. You’ll be able to discreetly record suspicious activity with the cameras that are built within the crows along the edge of the edge of the product.

The style of the Mini Gadgets Polished Steel Watch Camera 8GB is sleek and contemporary, which allows it to blend in without drawing attention to its style. It also packs a significant amount of memory with 8GB, making it easy to load up on your recordings without worrying about running out of space. It can even record up to 80 minutes of video footage each time that it’s charged to ensure that you can accomplish your mission.


Outdoor Heater Buying Guide

Open-air entertainment spaces become a focal point during the warm summer months. Enjoyment of these spaces doesn’t have to end when the seasons change. Patio heaters not only keep you and your guests warm, but provide a cozy atmosphere for your gatherings. They come in a wide variety of fuel types, styles and features They are easy to operate, provide instant heat, and are built to withstand the elements.

Types of Fuel

Outdoor heaters are run by electricity, propane, or natural gas. There are pros and cons to each type. The right type for you is really determined by your lifestyle and preference.

Electric heaters use a heating bulb to generate heat. Most run off standard 120-volt outlets and can be plugged in most anywhere. They are low maintenance and can be used in enclosed spaces where other types cannot. The largest disadvantage to these heaters is that you do need an outlet nearby. Some properties do not have exterior outlets available. Another disadvantage is that most electric heaters don’t come with a flame effect taking away from the ambiance.

Propane gas heaters are easy to use and provide heat instantaneously. They run off propane gas tanks that are easy to change and offer mobility. Some use domes that expand the heat zone up to 20 feet. Most models come fully-assembled and provide a delightful centerpiece to your outdoor space. Special features may include flames that dance on top of rocks and areas to place drinks. The disadvantage is the fuel source. Propane tanks must be changed out when empty adding an additional cost and more maintenance.

Natural gas heaters are becoming increasingly popular. These heaters attach to a natural gas line providing users with constant heat with little maintenance. Many models come fully-assembled. Operating costs for these run less than electric or propane as they generally run more efficient, heating up to a 20-foot circumference. The biggest disadvantage to natural gas heaters is they are not mobile. You may need to enlist a plumber to assist in installation.

Power Source and Size

Generally, outdoor heaters measure their heating power in BTUs (British Thermal Units). BTUs measure the energy used per a certain unit of time, usually per hour. The higher the number, the more heat emitted. Often, the heating area listed refers to the number of feet surrounding the unit heat can reach. For instance, an electric heater listing 1200 watts can heat an area up to a 12-foot circumference.

For propane heaters, tank size is very important. Though you will get hours of use out of any size, smaller tanks will need to be replaced more often.

Differing Styles

Though there are many options out there, most outdoor heaters come as a standalone/ground model, a tabletop model or are mountable.

Standalone/Ground models are the most common, especially for commercial use. They are tall and thin, producing generous amounts of heat. This feature makes them perfect for large outdoor spaces such as pool decks, restaurants, and arenas.

Tabletop models come in many different styles. Some are designed to mimic floor heaters, while others look like lamps. With a typical height of three-feet or less, these heaters work great on tables in outdoor spaces.

Mountable heaters can be affixed to a wall or ceiling. Some come with a stand. These are great where space is small and can typically be found in work spaces.

Installation and Safety

There are many things to consider before installing an outdoor heater:

Only use natural gas and propane heaters outdoors. Read the manual to determine if an electric model can be used in semi-covered spaces.
Heaters should sit on a level surface. That is capable of holding the weight of the heater on its own. Avoid placement in high-wind areas.
Keep areas clear of debris, foliage and other flammable materials
Make sure the heater is off before moving or maintaining.
Safety Features on Portable Models

Portable outdoor heater models generally include safety features to help ward off emergencies. Some of these include:

*Protection from tipping. These models have a switch that will automatically shut off the heating element if tipped over.
*Temperature Shut Off. If the heater gets too hot, a switch will shut it off.
*Glass that stays cool. A common feature on commercial heaters, these models have special glass that will not burn skin when touched.
*Stamp of approval. Heaters listed as UL or CSA-tested have been determined to meet all safety requirements.

Maintaining Your Heater

Regularly maintaining your outdoor heater not only keeps it safe, but also adds years to usage. Wipe down surfaces with a damp cloth. Avoid abrasive cleaners. The heater’s manual can give specific cleaning instructions. It can also give instructions on maintenance, though there is usually little involved.

Available Features

There are many other features to consider when choosing an outdoor patio heater.

*Assembly options: Many heaters come partially or fully-assembled. For example, the Lava Heat patio heater model comes in one box fully-assembled. Unassembled heaters can be a burden to put together. Save time and bother by choosing models that are fully-assembled.
*Warranty: For piece of mind, look for models with long warranties. Typically the longer the warranty period, the better quality materials the product has been built with.
*Electronic Controls: This type of control method makes adjustment of heat levels easy. *One-touch ignition and setting controls that are easy to use can make heating hassle-free.
*Flame Control: Many models utilize some sort of flame. Adjustable controls allows users to determine the heat and atmosphere they wish to convey.

Advantages of Outdoor Heaters

When compared to open-air fireplaces or fire pits, outdoor heaters offer many benefits. With outdoor heaters, adjustable flames and a variety of sophisticated designs allow users to really make their entertainment space their own. Unlike fireplaces and fire pits, they are low maintenance and are safer to use. They also don’t produce smoke and ash that can disturb guests. Outdoor heaters offer functionality, individuality and affordability.


Using Hydro Excavation for Potholing/Daylighting

Underground facilities like pipes and sewer systems require maintenance just like everything else, but accessing those underground facilities can be a bit of a hassle. The process of digging a small hole to expose a portion of the facilities is called daylighting or potholing, and it is necessary to look for any issues that will need to be resolved, like cracks or other damage. One of the most common methods for digging such a hole is known as hydro excavation, and it is exactly what it sounds like.

Hydro excavation or “potholing” is the process of using water under high pressure to dig out an area that would otherwise be damaged by a shovel or backhoe. The process is much simpler than other methods of digging, and it’s faster as well. In the past, there was no option except using a large backhoe to remove any dirt blocking the underground pipes, but that often caused damage to those pipes and removed far more dirt than was necessary.

A backhoe is also quite dangerous if handled improperly. Any time dangerous heavy machinery can be avoided for a job, it is best to do so. Hydro excavation methods require no heavy machinery beyond a vehicle to carry the air vacuum and water pump. This makes hydro excavation inherently safer than using heavy machines.

The only other real option beyond hydro excavation is simply digging by hand with a shovel, but that is clearly not the most efficient method. The job is physically intensive, and it requires a much larger volume of displaced soil since it is so inaccurate.

Hydro excavation eliminates the issues with standard daylighting methods of performing potholing services, and it does so in a safe, affordable way. The process is non-mechanical, making it safer, and it more accurate than any other method, so you can be sure that no resources will be wasted. Hydro excavation services are available in many locations.

The process of hydro excavation is similar to the process behind pressure washing. Water is put under incredibly high pressure and forced through a spout that channels the water into a tool for removing particulate matter from the area. The water breaks the soil apart before an air vacuum removes the soil from the hole, where it then travels to a truck-mounted debris tank. The tank is then emptied off the property in a designated dumping site.

Technology like this provides untold utility for the workers who use it. Potholing has never been easier than it is with this method, and the benefits extend to the time commitment of the project and the overall cost. Precision jobs require precision tools, and hydro excavation is as precise as possible.

The environment will also be better off with hydro excavation. Since the technique requires no heavy equipment, there are no fuel emissions to worry about. Not only that, but water is the only element introduced to the soil during excavation, making it safe for the surrounding flora. The method takes significantly less time than traditional digging methods, and it makes repairing underground facilities like sewers and pipes a breeze. If you are interested in hydro excavation services, search your local community for one of the many service providers near you.


YakTrax Walkers Give Mountain Adventurers the Grip the Need

The Yaktrax Walkers are a winter running accessory designed to help keep your shoes from slipping when running in icy or snowy conditions.

The key feature of the Yaktrax Walkers is the improved traction that they offer via their hand-wound steel coils, ten times as effective as spike-based devices made for the same purpose. The coils dig right into ice, allowing you to run and walk with a natural gait over even the slipperiest of conditions.

And with the low profile of the Yaktrax, you may even forget that you’re wearing them.

This accessory is unisex and comes in a variety of sizes, so no matter how large or small your feet, you’ll be able to find a pair that fits. The attractively-textured polyelastomer base will stretch to conform to the sole of your shoe.

The buckle-free design makes it easy to take the Yaktrax Walkers on or off without having to remove gloves and mittens in below-freezing temperatures. Their construction ensures that it stays put as you travel, featuring toe bridges, heel tabs and supportive outer bands that keep it solidly in place.

The steel is rust-resistant, which helps extend its lifespan when exposed to moisture. Additionally, this accessory features a number of impact nubs that greatly improve durability where it counts.

Yaktrax Walkers are designed specifically for traveling while wearing running shoes, sneakers, winter boots, and other standard-sized winter shoes. Don’t use them with your ski boots or for mountaineering, as this will wear them out much faster than with normal running use. Also, they last much longer when used in snowy or icy conditions, as opposed to bare asphalt or concrete.

Slipping on ice or snow is a leading cause of injuries for runners and walkers of all kinds. Use the ice-traction devices to keep yourself safe and healthy in dangerous winter conditions.

YakTrax Review

I’ve seen these walking on snow shoes sold at many mountain stores that I’ve stopped by. I’ve bought many pairs, but unfortunately I’ve worn them out at such a high rate that it’s hard for me to recommend this product.

One thing I noticed was that the rubber that holds the coils breaks often, mostly around the heel area of the device. There’s also a worrying tendency for them to slip off when the conditions get especially snowy.

An alternative that has been recommended to me is boot chains. Boot chains are similar to the Yaktrax Walkers, but instead of rubber wrapped with steel coil, they’re solely made out of chain that hooks around the sole of your shoe. I bought these recently, and have immediately noticed an improvement in performance. They’re cheaper and are more durable, while providing great traction in even the snowiest of conditions.

I will say that if you have no other option, the Yaktrax Walkers will work great, at least the first few times you use them. If you’d like something that will last you for a longer time, then consider buying yourself a pair of boot chains, like I did.


Glock Personal Injury Trial Sours With More Lawyers

Are Guns Unsafe? Trial in Arkansas Puts Glock In The Hot Seat

The Second Amendment is a hot topic right now. Many people want the right to keep their guns. On the other hand, people want guns off the street to make the world a safer place. The argument is that guns are not safe. A current case in Arkansas may prove that guns can be dangerous.

landing_logo-glockOn August 21, 2017, a trial will begin in Helena, Arkansas and NJ. The defendant, in this case, is Glock. Yes, the famous gun maker is under fire due to a gun that presumably misfired and injured a man in a personal injury lawyer trial . While it may seem bizarre to some to place the blame on the gun’s manufacturer, a man was hurt because his gun wasn’t working properly. With a lifetime of pain ahead of him, Larry Jones took his case all the way to the federal court.

When Guns Don’t Work As They Should

Jones is a policeman in the Cherry Valley, Arkansas, area. In 2013, he was at a shooting range enjoying an afternoon off from work. He was using a Glock 19C pistol at the time. The gun discharged unexpectedly as he was trying to attach a tactical light. No modifications had been made to the gun, which he purchased in December of 2000. The petition to the court stated that the gun was defective and dangerous. As a result of the incident, his left foot was injured. The final scheduling order was released last week. Jones is asking for $75,000 for his pain and suffering from the incident.

The Case Against Glock Mounts

Official court documents state that there was no manual safety on the gun. These defects are what has caused the injury that Jones suffered from. The gun didn’t give a reasonable and adequate warning of danger. He had no way of knowing the gun wasn’t safe to use. Jones has been suffering since the incident. He filed the case in an Arkansas state court, but in May of this year, the case was transferred over to a federal civil court. Glock denies all of these allegations, and they are prepared to litigate.

Is Glock Unmovable?

Glock is an Austrian company that has a stateside headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia. There have been issues raised, in the past, regarding the manual safety of their guns. Many accidental discharges and misfiring claims have been reported due to the design of the pistol. Critics say that more training is needed to be able to handle these guns effectively.

Though there have been quite a few complaints, Glock is one of the leading producers for handguns amongst law enforcement. In fact, they supply more than 65 percent of officers with their guns each year. The FBI just renewed an $85 million contract with them. With an annual revenue that exceeds $400 million, it is clear that Glock can afford to appease Mr. Jones with his $75,000. Though this case is significant in the grand scheme of things, it will probably do little to taint Glock’s reputation among users and as one of the best gifts for men that hunt.

How Will This Lawsuit Affect Gun Safety Concerns?

The court documents state that the discovery exhibits are due in the early months of 2017. It will be a jury trial, and many gun enthusiasts will tune in to hear arguments. This case comes at a pivotal time in our country’s history. Should this case be successful, it may have some impact on the current arguments that guns are dangerous.


Baum Tools Automotive History in The Making

Baum Tools About Us and Our Products

Founded in Los Angeles, California in 1959, Baum Tools Unlimited, Inc. is a leading importer, manufacturer, and distributor of European automotive special tools. The company was founded by Charles Baum, who began as a tool jobber driving a VW bus all over the country and supplying Porsche and Volkswagen dealer technicians and repair shops with metric hand tools from Germany. Baum soon realized that the use of the special tools were not only time-saving for mechanics but also generating higher earnings for a repair shop. This realization led to his expanding into the growing line of Volkswagen and Porsche special tools. With the success of his customers’ businesses, Baum’s business also succeeded. With its growth through the 1960’s, Baum Tools expanded into BMW, Volvo, Mercedes, Audi, and Saab special tools.

A product cannot be returned directly to Baum Tools unless the customer contacts Baum Tools for an RA (Return Authorization) number first. The RA is valid for 30 days from the issue date. The return authorization will be cancelled if the product is not received within 30 days. No RA will be issued for invoices over 30 days old.

To begin the return authorization process, you must first submit an RA form. You can email the request to, or you can call the returns department at 1-800-848-6657 and request the form to be faxed. Upon confirmation of the RA claim, a response will be sent immediately.

In addition to invoices aged over 30 days, RA’s will NOT be issued for the following:

  • Items not purchased directly from Baum Tools
  • Items not within warranty terms
  • Items specially ordered

If there is a shipping error, it must be reported within 48 hours of receipt. There is a 20% restock fee that all returns are subject to if the tool has been unused. NO returns are accepted on used tools.

baum-tools-logoCustomers are responsible for shipping charges incurred in sending return products to Baum Tools. Products must be properly packaged and have the RA number clearly displayed on the shipping box. Any return product lacking a clearly displayed RA number will be refused and returned to sender. If damage occurs to items during return shipment as a result of insufficient packaging, Baum Tools has sole discretion in determining whether or not the product is fit for resale. Original packaging is recommended to minimize the potential for such damage.

All items returned via RA must be sent by traceable means. This would mean UPS or FedEx, for example. Retain the tracking information for your records. Returned products are the customer’s responsibility until received by Baum Tools. Credit will be issued within 10 working days after receipt of returned items.

The late 1980’s saw the introduction of advanced electronic control systems into European automobiles. Baum Tools would expand into the realm of diagnostic scan tools and quickly become the leader in the field for European diagnostic applications. Baum Tools diagnostic side (BTU Service Solutions) is a full-scale technical support and repair group in itself. We provide support through use of our scan tools, along with technical help in repairing Swedish, German, and other European automobiles with our network of specialists that are vehicle specific. If we can help you fix the issue, you’ve got a real problem on your hands.

Stahlwille Tools
The selection of high quality German hand tools for the automotive market saw an immediate expansion after Baum Hand Tools brought the Stahlwille North American distribution center to Sarasota. Stahlwille manufactures tools of the highest quality and these tools are choice for companies involved in ongoing critical manufacturing environments.

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The Search For Good Technical Information
Several years ago, we began hearing complaints from many of our long-time auto repair customers who were beginning to fall behind because of a lack of available accurate repair information. There were a lot of critical holes in non-OEM information when it came to German car coverage. As a solution, we have been hosting high-end German Baum Tools auto repair seminars to keep everyone up to speed. It has always been our practice to supply an extensive manual covering the subject of each of these seminars. Over time these manuals have grown to become highly valuable publications. These manuals are now published for use in the shop. They are a must for those that work with these specific vehicles.

After encouraging some of our older, more experienced shop owners and technicians to share their knowledge and begin having seminars devoted to specific vehicle systems, we have been scheduling such seminars around the country for over four years. We schedule seminars specifically for Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Volvo, and VW. Our seminars are aimed for the experienced technicians and go deep into systems, rather than just blowing through theory. We focus on chronic problems and how to deal with them. One of the biggest benefits of these Baum Tools seminars is the networking that these technicians get to accomplish in the process. Everyone could use some kind of technical support group to pull from. A classic example of successfully pooling resources is the Bimmertech Group. We will continue to do this type of training while also enhancing our technical support group online. We look forward to someday bringing on high-end training technicians to focus on Jaguar, Porsche, and Saab. A little more help and the opportunity to network can be very valuable to anyone.