Glock Personal Injury Trial Sours With More Lawyers

Are Guns Unsafe? Trial in Arkansas Puts Glock In The Hot Seat

The Second Amendment is a hot topic right now. Many people want the right to keep their guns. On the other hand, people want guns off the street to make the world a safer place. The argument is that guns are not safe. A current case in Arkansas may prove that guns can be dangerous.

landing_logo-glockOn August 21, 2017, a trial will begin in Helena, Arkansas and NJ. The defendant, in this case, is Glock. Yes, the famous gun maker is under fire due to a gun that presumably misfired and injured a man in a personal injury lawyer trial . While it may seem bizarre to some to place the blame on the gun’s manufacturer, a man was hurt because his gun wasn’t working properly. With a lifetime of pain ahead of him, Larry Jones took his case all the way to the federal court.

When Guns Don’t Work As They Should

Jones is a policeman in the Cherry Valley, Arkansas, area. In 2013, he was at a shooting range enjoying an afternoon off from work. He was using a Glock 19C pistol at the time. The gun discharged unexpectedly as he was trying to attach a tactical light. No modifications had been made to the gun, which he purchased in December of 2000. The petition to the court stated that the gun was defective and dangerous. As a result of the incident, his left foot was injured. The final scheduling order was released last week. Jones is asking for $75,000 for his pain and suffering from the incident.

The Case Against Glock Mounts

Official court documents state that there was no manual safety on the gun. These defects are what has caused the injury that Jones suffered from. The gun didn’t give a reasonable and adequate warning of danger. He had no way of knowing the gun wasn’t safe to use. Jones has been suffering since the incident. He filed the case in an Arkansas state court, but in May of this year, the case was transferred over to a federal civil court. Glock denies all of these allegations, and they are prepared to litigate.

Is Glock Unmovable?

Glock is an Austrian company that has a stateside headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia. There have been issues raised, in the past, regarding the manual safety of their guns. Many accidental discharges and misfiring claims have been reported due to the design of the pistol. Critics say that more training is needed to be able to handle these guns effectively.

Though there have been quite a few complaints, Glock is one of the leading producers for handguns amongst law enforcement. In fact, they supply more than 65 percent of officers with their guns each year. The FBI just renewed an $85 million contract with them. With an annual revenue that exceeds $400 million, it is clear that Glock can afford to appease Mr. Jones with his $75,000. Though this case is significant in the grand scheme of things, it will probably do little to taint Glock’s reputation among users and as one of the best gifts for men that hunt.

How Will This Lawsuit Affect Gun Safety Concerns?

The court documents state that the discovery exhibits are due in the early months of 2017. It will be a jury trial, and many gun enthusiasts will tune in to hear arguments. This case comes at a pivotal time in our country’s history. Should this case be successful, it may have some impact on the current arguments that guns are dangerous.