YakTrax Walkers Give Mountain Adventurers the Grip the Need

The Yaktrax Walkers are a winter running accessory designed to help keep your shoes from slipping when running in icy or snowy conditions.

The key feature of the Yaktrax Walkers is the improved traction that they offer via their hand-wound steel coils, ten times as effective as spike-based devices made for the same purpose. The coils dig right into ice, allowing you to run and walk with a natural gait over even the slipperiest of conditions.

And with the low profile of the Yaktrax, you may even forget that you’re wearing them.

This accessory is unisex and comes in a variety of sizes, so no matter how large or small your feet, you’ll be able to find a pair that fits. The attractively-textured polyelastomer base will stretch to conform to the sole of your shoe.

The buckle-free design makes it easy to take the Yaktrax Walkers on or off without having to remove gloves and mittens in below-freezing temperatures. Their construction ensures that it stays put as you travel, featuring toe bridges, heel tabs and supportive outer bands that keep it solidly in place.

The steel is rust-resistant, which helps extend its lifespan when exposed to moisture. Additionally, this accessory features a number of impact nubs that greatly improve durability where it counts.

Yaktrax Walkers are designed specifically for traveling while wearing running shoes, sneakers, winter boots, and other standard-sized winter shoes. Don’t use them with your ski boots or for mountaineering, as this will wear them out much faster than with normal running use. Also, they last much longer when used in snowy or icy conditions, as opposed to bare asphalt or concrete.

Slipping on ice or snow is a leading cause of injuries for runners and walkers of all kinds. Use the ice-traction devices to keep yourself safe and healthy in dangerous winter conditions.

YakTrax Review

I’ve seen these walking on snow shoes sold at many mountain stores that I’ve stopped by. I’ve bought many pairs, but unfortunately I’ve worn them out at such a high rate that it’s hard for me to recommend this product.

One thing I noticed was that the rubber that holds the coils breaks often, mostly around the heel area of the device. There’s also a worrying tendency for them to slip off when the conditions get especially snowy.

An alternative that has been recommended to me is boot chains. Boot chains are similar to the Yaktrax Walkers, but instead of rubber wrapped with steel coil, they’re solely made out of chain that hooks around the sole of your shoe. I bought these recently, and have immediately noticed an improvement in performance. They’re cheaper and are more durable, while providing great traction in even the snowiest of conditions.

I will say that if you have no other option, the Yaktrax Walkers will work great, at least the first few times you use them. If you’d like something that will last you for a longer time, then consider buying yourself a pair of boot chains, like I did.