2016-2017’s 9 best Spy Watches

Spy Watches

Those who want to take convert missions and are always on the go will need spy gear that is essential to carrying out the task and getting the job done with as much ease and efficiency as possible. A spy watch is one of the most important items to have on hand when packing for espionages. Not only will you have the ability to keep up with the time with the accessory, but you can take photos, record video, and communicate with your partners due to the advanced features that are available. The simplistic designs of the products make them blend in with your attire to ensure that they don’t give away their purpose. There are various types of models that are sold to suit your duties and carry out your specific plans on your next mission.

The Best Spy Watches

1. Brickhouse HD Waterproof Spy Watch

When you expect to get wet or spend time in the water, this spy watch will continue to function and perform a number of duties. You’ll have a crisp picture with the ability to record an HD 1280×1060 resolution video with a camera that is hidden behind a pinhole lens that is challenging to see with the naked eye. Using a USB cord, you can easily upload the recording to a computer and use it for your mission.

2. Night Owl CS-Watch

The Night Owl CS-Watch stores 4GB of internal memory and will even allow you to record up to two hours of video footage. You can even record audio and take photos with a click of the button to avoid giving away your undercover identity. Although other watches require batteries to operate, this product simply needs to be charged by periodically connecting it to a computer.

3. Sharper Image HD Camcorder Watch

When you need to record a significant amount of footage with a video camera but don’t want to blow your cover, this model is an ideal choice with its 12MP camera that takes high-quality photos with every shot. Whether you’re spending time in rain or shine, you won’t have to worry about damage occurring to the watch due to its waterproof design. You can even shoot 90 minutes of HD video after it’s fully charged.

4. Flylink Tech SC-334-8

Those who want to purchase an innovative spy watch without compromising on style can choose to sport the Flylink Tech SC-334-8, which includes a stainless steel design that is masculine and modern. The product will allow you to record video at 1920×1080 pixels at a frame rate of 30fps and store a significant amount of footage on the watch due to its impressive 8GB of internal memory.

5. LawMate Night Watch 8GB

The LawMate Night Watch 8GB is an ideal choice for those who want to wear a watch that blends in with their modern attire. The product will allow you to remain discrete because it doesn’t come with blinking lights and it still works as a normal wristwatch. The model includes a number of features that include audio recording, video recording, and a camera to take photos with. It even includes date and timestamps to help you stay organized.

6. SpyVille Waterproof Watch Camera

When you’re anticipating wet weather or are going to dive underwater, the SpyVille Waterproof Watch Camera will allow you to record footage when spending time 10 feet underwater, making it extremely versatile in different types of conditions. It comes with 2GB of internal storage and also features a battery that can be recharged for up to two hours. If you’re lost in the woods or don’t have access to a GPS, you can rely on the compass directions to find your way back while you’re on your mission.

7. AGPtek Walkie Talkie Wristwatch

If you’re looking for a sporty spy watches that will complement your athletic style as a spy, the AGPtek Walkie Talkie Wristwatch features two different watches that make it easy for you and your partner to use the internal walkie talkies that are included to relay information. You can send messages to another person who wears the other watch up to 3 1/2 miles away. It’s also easy to use in the dark due to the backlight feature that guarantees continue use during the day or night.

8. Hammacher Schlemmer Night Vision Camera Watch

Wear the Hammacher Schlemmer Night Vision Camera Watch to take photos or record videos when it’s pitch black outside. The product includes a night vision feature that won’t make you limited when trying to complete certain tasks. You’ll also be able to enjoy having high-quality recordings taken on the watch with 1920×1080 pixel resolution at 30fps that is available.

9. Mini Gadgets Polished Steel Watch Camera 8GB

This steel watch is extremely durable, which will allow it to maintain its durability when you’re on the go and are performing various functions and tasks throughout the day. You’ll be able to discreetly record suspicious activity with the cameras that are built within the crows along the edge of the edge of the product.

The style of the Mini Gadgets Polished Steel Watch Camera 8GB is sleek and contemporary, which allows it to blend in without drawing attention to its style. It also packs a significant amount of memory with 8GB, making it easy to load up on your recordings without worrying about running out of space. It can even record up to 80 minutes of video footage each time that it’s charged to ensure that you can accomplish your mission.