Remove Graffiti with Power Washers

Graffiti Removal and Power Washing Services

By hiring a professional to remove graffiti, you can clean up the appearance of your business or home while deterring future taggers from attempting to deface your property. Graffiti is a way that gang members mark their territories and communicate with each other. By removing it quickly, gang members will be less likely to return.

Up until recently, graffiti removal methods were limited. Business owners had to paint over the graffiti or try to remove it themselves by sanding it down or chipping away at the paint. Needless to say, these removal methods can be tedious and tiresome. If a property owner chose to hire a professional graffiti removal service, these professionals often relied on hazardous and toxic chemicals in order to remove the paint.

Soda Blasting

high-pressure-washer-for-washing-and-blastingLuckily, professionals now use a method called soda blasting (also known as sand blasting). This method involves cleaning the defaced surface while stripping paint in a way that does not use hazardous chemicals. This method allows graffiti to be removed safely and effectively.

Traditional sand blasting methods were not friendly to the environment and could cause damage to surfaces. While soda blasting is often referred to as sand blasting, this new method is very different from the traditional method.

Blasting Mediums

Numerous blasting mediums may be used in order to effectively remove paint as well as other surface stains. These mediums include:

  1. Glass Bead
  2. Aluminum Oxide
  3. Walnuts
  4. Silicon Carbide
  5. Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda Blasting)

In most cases, soda blasting is most effective in removing graffiti. This medium does minimal damage to the surface of the affected structure because it’s less aggressive and abrasive than other mediums.

How Does Soda Blasting Work?

Soda blasting uses baking soda (sodium bicarbonate) to remove paint from walls and other surfaces. This method can also remove corrosion and rust from various types of structures. In fact, this method was used to restore the surface of the Statue of Liberty only 30 years ago.

This method does minimal damage to surfaces because it doesn’t use harsh chemicals in order to remove paint and corrosion. This process doesn’t only protect surfaces but it’s also more environmentally friendly and time-effective. The result is a clean surface with minimal etching and wear.

Advantages of Soda Blasting

  • Friendly to the environment
    Effective on many types of surfaces
    Does not use hazardous or toxic chemicals
    Removes paint effectively
    Protects the original structure
    Rinses off easily

If graffiti is harming the image of your property, check with your local graffiti removal program for a free estimate.