Rugged Industrial M2 SSD Drives By Delkin

Delkin M.2 Computer Storage Industrial SSD

M.2 is a Next Generation Form Factor computer storage device. Originally designed in 2013, M.2 data storage was created to replace the current computer storage devices of that time.

With its flexible storage capabilities, adaptable storage abilities, and various sizes, this new data storage device can be used by almost any industry to securely store and manage their data.

M.2 Features

The M.2 Delkin contains a SATA 3 interface and comes in many shapes and sizes. The most popular of which are the 2240 and 2290 models.

The Delkin Solid State Drive M.2 is known for its multiple flash data management features and unique data retrieval abilities. Some of the more salient features provided by the Delkin Industrial M.2 Solid State Drive models include:

  1. Flash Endurance
  2. High Data Storage
  3. High-Temperature Resistance
  4. Read and Write Speeds up to 540 MB/s
  5. 10 DWPD Reliability
  6. Durability/Longevity
  7. Controlled BOM (Inbuilt Life Cycle Plan)
  8. Lower Cost Options

As was mentioned earlier, the Delkin M.2 comes in various shapes and sizes and can even be customized to fit particular host sizes. Some of the more common standard industrial sizes are as follows:

  • 22mm x 30mm
  • 22mm x 42mm
  • 22mm x 60mm
  • 22mm x 110mm

Delkin Industrial M.2 has been built with the future in mind as well as it readily incorporates with AHCI drivers built into almost all of today’s operating systems.

What is more, the M.2 models are flexible enough to adjust to future NAND designs which are likely to appear very soon.

Multiple Industries

The Industrial SSD can be used by many industries to fulfill their data storage needs. Below you can find a brief description of the industries and applications that can be serviced by the Delkin M.2 models.

Healthcare: The healthcare industry has increased its technological development over the past few years and along with it has increased its need for larger data storage capacities. Delkin’s M.2 models fulfill these increased needs with ease and supply a long-life and flexible adjustment plan that will continue well into the future.


Since the advent of data storage, Casinos have required a unique standard for flash storage devices. Delkin M.2 models help casinos and other card gaming entities with game applications, data tracking, and continuous upgrades.


Aerospace programs, particularly military programs, demand data storage devices that can withstand harsh environments like hot and cold temperatures, constant vibratory signals, and shock trauma to name but a few. The Delkin M.2 SSD drives provide this durability in spades all while maintaining secure data collection and storage functions.


Much like the Aerospace industry, the Transportation industry also requires data storage devices that can withstand harsh environments. Here again, the Delkin M.2 lives up to these expectations especially when it comes to the video recording and data retrieval functions demanded by the Transportation industry.


The Communications and Networking Industries require flash storage devices more than any other as their entire business is based on transmitting, collecting, and storing data. The M.2 helps out these industries through its wide range of capabilities, including increased density, reliability, high storage capacity, durability, and cost-effective storage units.